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If you are a new owner "Welcome to our web site!"
  With this website we are providing a way for the owners and friends of the Ancient Oaks R V Resort to have a method to inform the members and our friends of the Association.  
Having a website allows total availability wherever people live via
 the Internet system year around. 
 Also helping the shut in's to become informed here as well as back home wherever they live.
Communicating via a website is a very quick way & 
reasonable expense to communicate. 
The expanding use of the Internet in our world with our families and friends allows us all to make use of this system.

Ancient Oaks Social Committee Mission:

Strive to help provide information to the people of the Ancient Oaks R V Resort Association by having this website for communication. 

This website is paid for and provided by the Social Activities Committee as a way to show the programs available to the owners and friends.