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Please Take Note this R V Resort is an Adult Resort.
  Requiring at least one occupant to be 55 years of age
 or more, to live at a residence. 
Proof of age is required at registration of occupant or tenant.

NameBlock & Lot NumberPhoneAlternate CommunicationHomeLot
Larry x
Harold Ray Mercer1-10859-992-5302  x
Elaine Kenyon1-12863-357-1038Ask For Yvonnex 
Houchins G1-16304-253-8814304-663-7945 x
David & Louise Smith2-05267-815-8310  x
Alice Rodriguez2-06732-281-4949  x
Dwight Rich2-07765-473-6969catchhopper@yahoo.comx 
Carol, Jordan, Cindy Keathley2-11865-453-7197 x 
Russ Oudbier2-17863-357-0501616-822-2660x 
Dwight Rich2-19765-473-6969catchhopper@yahoo.comx 
James Sheldrew2-20815-786-4176815-220-1635 x
David Albritton2-22863-447-7620256-422-3766x 
Stanley Nelson3-06305-681-7660 x 
Thomas & Isabelle Osteen3-10772-461-1299  x
Alain & Lise Dault3-22819-684-2710  x
Greg McCauley3-26954-242-7612gregmccauley@bellsouth.netx 
Carol Briscoe4-01850-377-0215  x
Jim Tuller4-06608-346-0736608-346-2429 x
Larry x
Simone & Raymond Beaulieu4-18508-991-9406simoneebealieu@yahoo.comx 
Susan Wilson4-22863-447-7620davidalbritton@yahoo.comx 
Alain & Lise Dault4-27819-684-2710819-410-0310 x
Charlotte x
Rex & Elaine x
Dano McDiarmids5-17561-313-5399  x
Ron Hurley5-22863-467-6167301-498-1513 x
Ken Hisel5-24502-863-1200  x
Leslie York6-05423-883-0650  x
Sheri Freed6-08863-697-1885  x
Kay Durbin7-01502-380-2557  x
Manny Milazzo7-07863-763-6694 xx
Mabel Knowlton7-10772-349-2961  x
Loretta x
Preston Ornella9-04513-256-9807 x 
Lance Konze9-15443-398-1589443-398-1590x 
Susan Wilson10-05863-447-7620davidalbritton@yahoo.comx 
Greg McCauley10-06954-242-7612gregmccauley@bellsouth.netx 
Zita Cavanaugh10-11740-391-3922 x 
James Scott10-14502-964-3002 x 
Jim Pence10-19810-922-0281Home# (810-635-2420) x
Manny Milazzo10-21863-763-6694 xx
NameBlock & Lot NumberPhone Alternate CommunicationHomeLot
Smith Martin11-01513-470-5834513-563-4828 x
Fred Bolling11-03772-708-1013 x 
Robert Yates11-10336-813-6552  x
Kathy Boswell11-16863-357-6527  x
Wayne Wilkinson11-18561-628-2465 x 
Thomas Chastain12-06863-467-6202 x 
Sue & Jim Forrester12-15863-221-4936 x 
Carpenter D12-16740-468-2185 x 
Sandra Brown12-22740-900-9878 x 
Susan Wilson13-06256-706-0800davidalbritton1956@yahoo.comx 
Dwight Cook13-11704-860-7424 x 
Ruth Maurer13-17772-631-0158ramruth2004@yahoo.comx 
Bob x
Jim x
Jim Lager14-07563-529-4048  x
David & Cheryl x
Eleanor DeMann16-01269-908-7371 x 
Richard Harlow18-10863-763-2351740-467-2903x 
Keith McCullough18-16419-467-1952  x
Harold Burton19-13863-467-2196812-865-2150 x
Melody Hodges    "Agent"  19-18863-697-1975 x 
Carl & Shirley x
Daubert G21-03863-467-9869  x
R & S Peterson22-10863-610-2117863-610-1674  / x
William Haines22-20863-697-2433740-404-7253 x
Chris x
Monroe Bowles23-14336-403-4554  x
Haaskma Alice23-15616-366-2373 x 
Shelton Barefoot23-16919-210-2864  x
Ritter G24-08863-763-4863614-354-4709 x
Bill x
Bob x
Jim x
Robert & Dorothy McDermott25-04863-763-6672 x 
Ginny Stroh27-02863-467-6462  x
Dwight Cook27-14704-860-7424 x 
Bill & Brenda Dooley27-22225-235-6899225-235-8041x 
Kathy Hughes28-04863-763-2889865-981-1718x 
Creech H28-09863-467-7301  x
NameBlock & Lot NumberPhoneAlternate CommunicationHomeLot
Barry & Susan x
Souza D28-24401-474-6162  x
Peggy Cameron29-18863-801-7346  x
Peggy Cameron29-20863-801-7346 x 
Gerald & Bonnie Shoultz29-21251-454-0161251-463-3344x 
Hall W.29-26606-233-1325 x 
Henry Dill30-07863-763-5801419-938-3153 x
Milazzo M30-08863-763-6694 x 
Joseph & Barbara x
Christine Jones30-22863-357-1969  x
Harry x
Patti Stolfi31-14262-705-9144  x
Joseph & Bonnie Jones31-15863-467-6243407-273-1183 x
A Burton31-21202-262-7200  x
Andrew x

Please send note to Webmaster  at to remove your listing if it has been sold or rented.  Also please call the Park Office at (863-467-6677) to remove your listing from the current Office listing.

                                                 WEB MASTER:

                      Dennis Bailey  -

For your convenience "Click on Map Picture"
to expand it to read where a lot is located.